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About Us

Founded in the middle of 1960s, Vast Victory Shuangtai Components Co., Ltd., a specialization manufacturing company giving first place to manufacture various types of motorcycles, automobile wheels as well as relevant components and parts. 

Vast Victory Shuangtai Components Co., Ltd. has always insisted on the people-oriented philosophy of sustainable development, responsible for the society, employees and customers while developing our company, becoming the leading and generally accepted enterprise of manufacturing motorcycle parts, and continuously making progress.

Our company, one of the earliest enterprises to achieve the quality and environment system certification in the industry, not only owns the most complete detection means and facilities in the industry, but also has successively passed the ISO9001,QS9000,TS16949 ,IATF16949,and ISO14001 Quality and environment System Certification of TUV Rheinland, an international authentication organization.  

Currently, our company has 15 categories and more than 400 kinds of main products, in addition to providing the supporting services for Jianshe Yamaha, Penta-Ocean Honda, Sundiro Honda, Suzuki,  Jialing Group , In addition to the large displacement motorcycle wheels sold in the domestic market, such wheels are also exported to the United States, European and Southeast Asian countries and regions,domestic sales, but also exported to the United States, Japan and Southeast Asia. and we owns the perfect surface treatment production lines, including the automatic control four-nickel-chromium plating line, copper-nickel-chrome plating line, galvanizing line, aluminum alloy anodization line, and electrophoresis and paint / spray line, etc.

Our company since 1992, for 20 consecutive years by the Sichuan Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce as "contract-honoring and promise-keeping  " enterprise,  as “Contract and trustworthy enterprises” by SAIC, was named as the “Strong Parts Enterprise” by the Motorcycle Industry Association, Our " three circles" trademark was rated " well-known trademarks of Sichuan province ", The product was rated " Sichuan Province famous brand", and as the main unit that prepares the standards of QC/T71-2009,Rims ot motorcycles and mopeds,QC/T818-2009, Spoke wheels for motorcycles and mopeds. The company is also the enterprise technology centers ofSichuanprovince. By YAMAHA and Honda companies rated as "excellent supplier", and “exempted from inspection suppliers” by Wuyang Honda & SDH.

We constantly seek that “each customer can trust and respect us”.  Vast Victory Shuangtai Components Co., Ltd. will go in for serve our customers and society better, and striving for becoming your most ideal partner inChinaas well as leading in the industry!